Wulfenite (old classic) ex Swoboda Coll.

Red Cloud Mine, La Paz County, Arizona
Thumbnail, 2.8 x 2.0 x 0.6 cm
Start Time: 05/21/2009 5:00:00 pm (CDT)
End Time: 05/28/2009 6:00:00 pm (CDT)
Auction Closed

Item Description

A CLASSIC, OLD-TIME wulfenite crystal from the famous and now-closed Red Cloud Mine. This is a big, highly lustrous, translucent, fat, reddish-orange crystal with beautiful, sharp, chisel terminations. I bought this out of Ed Swoboda"s garage a few years ago. We feel, that this is a 1960s-era piece, by the color, size and shape. Essentially pristine, with only super-trivial, barely visible, edgewear and sidewear. You have to look HARD to see it. VERY RARE in this quality. Valued $750-950

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