Painite (ridiculously rare)

Wet-loo, Kyauk-Pyat-That, Mogok, Mandalay Region, Myanmar
Gems, 3.06 mm, 0.12 ct
Start Time: 01/04/2024 7:30:00 pm (CST)
End Time: 01/11/2024 7:00:00 pm (CST)
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Winning Bid: $60

Item Description

Painite is one of the great rare gems in the world. They are considered to be among the "rarest gem in existence", and are highly sought after by collectors. You'll see Painite pop up on a lot of Top 10 Rarest Gems lists, alongside species like Phosphophyllite, Jeremejevite, Taaffeite, Poudretteite, and Grandidierite. Painite is considered one of the "Holy Grails" of rare gemstones, and for a time (prior to 2005), there were only a few confirmed pieces ever found. The species was discovered in Myanmar in the early 1950's, from 1956 until 1979 only three crystals of this hexagonal mineral were known to exist ! Painite was named after its discoverer, British gemologist Arthur Charles Davy Pain. As mentioned, going back to 2005, there have been more discoveries of this super rare gem in various localities in Myanmar. This is the result of years of laborious detective work, long days of digging and mining the few hills and sorting each and every crystal and fragment by hand. It is doubtful that there will be any more Painite, ever! Chemically, Painite is a calcium zirconium borate, however, it also contains minor amounts of chromium and vanadium and traces of iron that contribute to the orange-red to brownish-red color of the mineral. This particular gem is a nice reddish-brown color "Round" cut stone. It is very difficult to find stones with good transparency and rich color. Most gems are almost too dark to see any color and appear "black". The color shows up in this stone when STRONGLY backlit. Also, the majority of cut Painites are less than 1/4 carat, so this stone is not small by Painite standards at all ! There are some visible flaws in this gem, but the color is good and this is extremely rare material. Please note that despite the great hardness of the material, it is somewhat brittle, so be careful if you're setting in jewelry. Keep in mind that because of the tremendous rarity of this material, Painite is now legitimately retailing for up to $10,000 per carat, but I wouldn't put that kind of value on this stone.

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