Gemstone Mixed Auction

A great mix of assorted worldwide gemstones. You will find an interesting selection of well-known, rare, unique, and collector-quality gems with reserve bids starting at $10 up to $249. Pay close attention to the quality in these auctions, as all of the stones are well-cut (some have unique custom cuts) and are not your typical "jewelry store" material. There are many gems in these auctions that one rarely sees on the market, and even the more common material is better than what you'll find in a lot of other venues.

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Diaspore (rare pink color) (recent find)
near the village of Ragha, Goshta District, Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan
7.56 m mx 5.07 mm, 1.17 ct
Winning Bid: $249
Peridot (good sized stone)
Sapat Gali, Naran, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Prov., Pakistan
15.91 mm x 9.05 mm, 5.85 ct
Topaz Carving, Nymph
34.31 mm x 24.44 mm, 68.47 ct
Winning Bid: $259
Smoky Quartz (huge stone) (cut by Brett Kosnar)
Pikes Peak Batholith, Colorado, USA
43.15 mm x 38.79 mm, 278.50 ct (!!)
Winning Bid: $2,200
Morogoro, Tanzania
6.36 mm, 1.09 ct
Citrine (good sized stone)
Minas Gerais, Brazil
20.29 mm x 15.59 mm, 20.22 ct
Winning Bid: $230
Grandidierite (exceptionally rare)
Tranomaro Commune, Anosy Region (Fort Dauphin Region), Tuléar Province, Madagascar
3.15 mm, 0.12 ct
Winning Bid: $100
Bastnäsite (rare)
Zagi Mountain, Pakistan
6.86 mm x 3.39 mm, 0.67 ct
White Opal (multi-color)
16.32 mm x 10.70 mm, 3.90 ct
Winning Bid: $210
Fire Agate
Aguascalientes, Mexico
Ex. Marvin Rockey
13.81 mm x 10.74 mm, 6.40 ct
Winning Bid: $160
Amethyst (good sized stone)
Minas Gerais, Brazil
20.82 mm x 12.40 mm, 16.13 ct
Winning Bid: $100
Emerald (rare locality gem)
Swat District, Pakistan
5.57 mm x 4.87 mm, 0.46 ct
Winning Bid: $80
Painite (ridiculously rare)
Wet-loo, Kyauk-Pyat-That, Mogok, Mandalay Region, Myanmar
3.06 mm, 0.12 ct
Winning Bid: $60
Sri Lanka
6.00 mm x 5.15 mm, 1.20 ct
Winning Bid: $50
Sri Lanka
6.75 mm x 5.08 mm, 0.89 ct
Peridot (classic Arizona material)
San Carlos Indian Reservation, Gila Co., Arizona, USA
Ex. Marvin Rockey
7.75 mm x 5.49 mm, 1.14 ct
Star Sapphire
Sri Lanka
Ex. Marvin Rockey
8.13 mm, 3.46 ct
Winning Bid: $50
Ruby (Pre-embargo)
Mogok, Myanmar
Ex. Marvin Rockey
5.03 mm x 3.78 mm, 0.41 ct
Winning Bid: $60
Sri Lanka
8.76 mm x 3.39 mm, 0.60 ct
Winning Bid: $50
Natrolite (''Pink Larimar'') (rare)
Nusa Kambangan, Central Java, Indonesia
26.89 mm x 17.15 mm, 13.31 ct
Winning Bid: $60
Indicolite Tourmaline
Minas Gerais, Brazil
9.95 mm x 4.25 mm, 1.08 ct
Winning Bid: $90
Imperial Topaz
Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, Brazil
5.98 mm x 4.01 mm, 0.39 ct
Winning Bid: $25
5.50 mm x 3.43 mm, 0.44 ct
Citrine (heated)
7.87 mm x 6.60 mm, 1.70 ct
Winning Bid: $25
Muzo, Boyacá Dept., Colombia
4.75 mm x 3.80 mm, 0.33 ct
Winning Bid: $25
Swiss Blue Topaz (treated)
18.02 mm x 13.74 mm, 19.14 ct
Winning Bid: $170
Tourmaline (interesting color)
Minas Gerais, Brazil
8.72 mm x 6.13 mm, 1.55 ct
Winning Bid: $80
Minas Gerais, Brazil
6.15 mm x 4.14 mm, 0.56 ct
Winning Bid: $35
Andradite Garnet (iridescent)
Álamos, Álamos Municipality, Sonora, Mexico
14.41 mm x 9.12 mm, 5.95 ct
Winning Bid: $60