Special Mixed Reserve Gemstone Auction

Continuing with our series of gem auctions, we are offering a selection of fine quality gemstones that we acquired from the inventory of a respected wholesaler with decades of experience in the gem business.

You will find a wonderful mix of well-known, rare, unique and collector quality gems with reserve bids starting as low as $10. Pay close attention to the quality in these auctions, as all of the stones are well-cut (many have unique custom cuts) and are not your typical "jewelry store" material. There are many gems in these auctions that one rarely sees on the market, and even the more common material is better than what you'll find in a lot of other venues.

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Sapphire Carving
8.84 mm x 7.13 mm, 2.64 ct
Sapphire (rich color)
Sri Lanka
5.56 mm x 3.72 mm, 0.57 ct
Winning Bid: $100
Tourmaline (matched pair)
7.75 mm x 6.00 mm, 4.54 ct (total weight)
Andradite (var: Demantoid) (rare locality stone)
Sferlùn Mine, Sondrio Province, Lombardy, Italy
6.09 mm x 3.19 mm, 0.32 ct
Hessonite Garnet
9.26 mm x 7.92 mm, 2.62 ct
Analcime (rare)
Flinders area, Victoria, Australia
6.67 mm x 4.90 mm, 0.54 ct
Calcite (cobalt-bearing)
Solita Mine, Peramea, Catalonia, Spain
7.27 mm x 4.22 mm, 0.38 ct
Jeffrey Mine, Val-des-Sources, Estrie, Québec, Canada
7.22 mm x 5.72 mm, 1.10 ct
Apatite (rare bi-color gem)
8.45 mm x 6.02 mm, 1.62 ct
Winning Bid: $100
Smoky Quartz
Minas Gerais, Brazil
9.92 mm x 8.03 mm, 2.16 ct
Winning Bid: $30
9.05 mm x 8.94 mm, 1.68 ct
Winning Bid: $50
Agate (carved hoop)
Minas Gerais, Brazil
35.38 mm x 25.50 mm, 31.44 ct
Winning Bid: $40
9.14 mm x 7.14 mm, 1.55 ct
Winning Bid: $60
Lapis Bead
Sar-E-Sang, Afghanistan
14.34 mm, 22.33 ct
Winning Bid: $45
Leucite (very rare)
Alban Hills, Italy
7.22 mm, 0.98 ct
Winning Bid: $249
Chrome Diopside
Inagli, Aldan, Sakha, Russia
11.74 mm x 7.78 mm, 2.76 ct
Winning Bid: $121
Precious Opal (Multicolor)
18.81 mm x 12.15 mm, 4.62 ct
Winning Bid: $210
Yellow Opal (rare locality)
Opal occurrence, Cercle de Nioro du Sahel, Kayes Region, Mali
6.57 mm, 0.66 ct
Winning Bid: $25
Umbalite Garnet
5.99 mm x 4.02 mm, 0.54 ct
Winning Bid: $40
Emerald (not from Colombia)
Bahia, Brazil
5.04 mm x 3.27 mm, 0.22 ct
Winning Bid: $62
Chrysocolla (Gem Silica)
Miami, Gila Co., Arizona, USA
12.03 mm x 8.06 mm, 2.44 ct
Winning Bid: $196