$249 Special Auction

Continuing with our special themed auctions we have a selection of higher-end minerals this week with $249 reserve bids. This is a great opportunity to pick up excellent pieces for below retail prices! You'll find a great mix of fine quality specimens from new and contemporary discoveries plus classics and showy display pieces from worldwide localities and various collections!
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Halite on Trona (Recent Find)
Owens Lake, Olancha, Owens Valley, Inyo Co., California, USA
17.4 x 13.2 x 4.7 cm
Winning Bid: $249
Calcite (twin) on Quartz with Dolomite (rare locality specimen)
Aaka Mine, near Tata, Jbel Saghro, Morocco
Ex. Kurt Hefendehl
5.6 x 4.7 x 4.1 cm
Winning Bid: $249
Silver ''leaf'' with Bornite
San Martín Mine, Sombrerete Municipality, Zacatecas, Mexico
13.3 x 8.6 x 2.2 cm, 123.5 grams
Winning Bid: $485
Quartz with Calcite (self-collected by Dave Bergman)
Camp Bird Mine, above Ouray, Ouray Co., Colorado, USA
Ex. Dave Bergman
14.3 x 9.7 x 8.3 cm
Variscite (superb color - large sphere!)
Itumbiara, Goias, Brazil
7.5 x 5.7 x 4.9 cm
Winning Bid: $249
Fluor-uvite - Uvite Series (Tourmaline) on Quartz
Pedra Preta Pit, Serra das Éguas, Brumado, Bahia, Brazil
6.5 x 6.3 x 2.2 cm
Winning Bid: $259
Calcite and Scheelite (fluorescent) on Quartz
Yaogangxian Mine, Yizhang Co., Chenzhou, Hunan, China
Ex. Kurt Hefendehl
8.0 x 7.7 x 5.9 cm
Winning Bid: $305
Muscovite (''Star Muscovite'')
Linópolis, Divino das Laranjeiras, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Ex. Kurt Hefendehl
8.1 x 7.6 x 4.7 cm
Winning Bid: $900
Veszelyite on Hemimorphite (rare)
Palabanda Quarries, Mfouati, Mfouati District, Bouenza Department, Republic of the Congo
7.2 x 4.8 x 4.7 cm
Winning Bid: $292
Calcite (''poker chip'' crystals) with Pyrite
Dongpo ore field, Yizhang Co., Chenzhou, Hunan, China
Ex. Kurt Hefendehl
9.6 x 6.7 x 5.3 cm
Winning Bid: $1,060
Axinite-(Fe) (large crystal)
Tormiq, Haramosh Mts., Roundu District, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
9.2 x 4.7 x 2.3 cm
Winning Bid: $367
Beryl var: Aquamarine (doubly-terminated crystals - ''floater'' specimen)
Shigar Valley, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
Ex. Bill Larson
8.3 x 5.3 x 2.7 cm
Winning Bid: $850
Iridescent Chalcopyrite
Baisha Copper Mine, Daye Co., Huangshi, Hubei, China
8.3 x 5.7 x 4.3 cm
Winning Bid: $928
Silver (classic locality)
Langis Mine, Casey Township, Cobalt Area, Cobalt-Gowganda region, Timiskaming District, Ontario, Canada
Ex. Colin Manlove
5.2 x 4.8 x 3.2 cm, 132.7 grams
Winning Bid: $308
Sphalerite (gemmy twinned crystals)
Iron Cap Mine, Santa Teresa Mts, Aravaipa Dist., Graham Co., Arizona, USA
Ex. Bruce Murphy; Tony Beker; Tony Budge
7.3 x 5.7 x 5.6 cm
Winning Bid: $249
Tourmaline with Albite, Microcline and Quartz
Beni Bouzra, Chefchaouen Province, Tanger-Tetouan-Al Hoceima Region, Morocco
4.3 x 2.7 x 1.7 cm
Winning Bid: $328
Qinglong Mine, Dachang Sb ore field, Qinglong County, Qianxinan, Guizhou, China
10.1 x 8.2 x 7.7 cm
Winning Bid: $249
Stibnite (large crystals!)
Xikuangshan Sb deposit, Lengshuijiang Co., Loudi, Hunan, China
Ex. Rock Currier
17.4 x 5.3 x 3.7 cm
Winning Bid: $581
Calcite (Manganese-bearing)
2nd Sovetskii Mine, Dalnegorsk, Dalnegorsk Urban District, Primorsky Krai, Russia
Ex. Rich Kosnar
10.2 x 8.8 x 7.7 cm
Winning Bid: $349
Azurite in Granite (''K2 stone'' ''Ketonite'')
Azurite-in-granite occurrence, Khaplu, Ghanche Dist., Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
13.0 x 9.2 x 3.4 cm, 760 grams
Winning Bid: $259
Fluorapatite (rare locality)
Sakri, Nuapada lamproite field, Odisha, India
5.3 x 5.0 x 4.6 cm, 239.40 grams
Winning Bid: $415
Lapis Lazuli (LARGE stone)
Sar-e-Sang, Koksha Valley, Badakhshan, Afghanistan
98.45 mm x 61.68 mm, 220.4 grams
Winning Bid: $707
Tarbuttite (excellent color and quality)
Skorpion Mine, Rosh Pinah, Oranjemund Constituency, ǁKaras Region, Namibia
Ex. Kurt Hefendehl
9.8 x 6.6 x 6.4 cm
Winning Bid: $311
Grossular Garnet (good locality specimen)
Bazhenovsk Deposit, Asbest, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia
Ex. Rock Currier
7.4 x 3.8 x 2.3 cm
Winning Bid: $505
Ferrokësterite (very rare and superb)
San Jose Mine, Oruro City, Cercado Prov., Oruro, Bolivia
Ex. Brian Kosnar
5.7 x 5.3 x 1.7 cm
Winning Bid: $575
Baryte (GEMMY ''phantom'' crystals)
Mianyang, Sichuan, China
Ex. Brian Kosnar
10.8 x 6.3 x 6.2 cm
Winning Bid: $850
Quartz var: Amethyst / Smoky (scepter) with Hematite inclusions
Chiredzi Mining District, Chiredzi District, Masvingo, Zimbabwe
5.2 x 2.6 x 1.8 cm, 36.01 grams
Winning Bid: $249
Fluorite (multi-color ''phantom'' crystals)
Yaogangxian Mine, Yizhang Co., Chenzhou, Hunan, China
Ex. Brian Kosnar
5.3 x 4.4 x 4.3 cm
Winning Bid: $310
Zoisite var: Tanzanite
D-Block Mine, Merelani Hills, Lelatema Mountains, Simanjiro District, Manyara Region, Tanzania
6.3 x 1.3 x 1.1 cm, 17.78 grams
Winning Bid: $924
Topaz (GEM crystal) (rare New England locality)
Bald Mountain, Ossipee, Carroll Co., New Hampshire, USA
Ex. Bob Whitmore
4.3 x 3.2 x 2.3 cm, 79.27 grams
Winning Bid: $638