We have a great selection this week, featuring plenty of attractive, fine quality, classic, contemporary, rare and unusual specimens from around the world. Look for some great specimens from various collections that we've purchased like, Bob Reynolds, Richard Rossi, Chet Lemanski, Al Kidwell, Dave Bergman and Rich Kosnar. You might even find the occasional fossil, lapidary or gem item from time to time. Look here for the not so typical mineral specimens along with plenty of your favorites. We don't just offer the "standard 20 species", but an eclectic mix of specimens that appeal to everybody!

Some of the highlights from this week’s auction include:

1. Hard to find HÜBNERITE specimen from the Sweet Home Mine, Colorado (ex Dave Bergman Collection)
2. Beautiful bright orange "floater" SPESSARTINE crystal from Tanzania
3. Classic GEMMY TWINNED DOLOMITE on matrix from Spain (ex Al Kidwell Collection)
4. Excellent large PARGASITE crystal from Sri Lanka (ex Chet Lemanski Collection)
5. Beautiful pink CALCITE crystals in a geode from Missouri
6. Classic gemmy RUBY crystal from the famous John Saul Mine in Kenya
7. Attractive purple APATITE on matrix from Afghanistan
8. KIDWELLITE from the type locality from the collection of AL KIDWELL !!
9. Wonderful specimen of beautiful purple CHROMIAN CLINOCHLORE ("KAMMERERITE") from Turkey

Gyrolite (fine quality)
Malad Quarry, Malad, Ward 38, Mumbai, Mumbai District, Maharashtra, India
9.3 x 6.0 x 5.3 cm
Ruby (rare classic locality specimen) (ex Bill Larson Collection)
John Saul Mine (Rockland mine), Tsavo West, Voi, Taita-Taveta County, Kenya
2.2 x 0.7 x 0.6 cm
Fluorite (gemmy ''phantom'' crystal)
Les Rocs Quarry, Buxières-les-Mines, Moulins, Allier, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France
2.8 x 2.7 x 2.0 cm
Tourmaline on Quartz (RARE locality specimen) (ex Gary Weaver Collection)
Brown Derby Mine, Ohio City Area, Quartz Creek Pegmatite District, Gunnison County, Colorado, USA
6.2 x 5.2 x3 .0 cm
Calcite (with iron oxide inclusions)
Tieshan Fe-Cu deposit (Daye Mine), Tieshan District, Huangshi, Hubei, China
3.4 x 2.6 x 1.9 cm
Azurite with Malachite (ex Kay Robertson Collection)
Tiger, Mammoth District, Pinal County, Arizona, USA
10.7 x 6.6 x 5.3 cm
Hashupa Epidote Occurrence, Hashupa, Shigar Valley, Shigar District, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
3.3 x 2.1 x 1.4 cm
Amazonite (circa 1960s) (ex Willard Wulff Collection)
Crystal Peak Area, Park County, Colorado, USA
5.3 x 3.7 x 2.8 cm
Pyrite (interesting crystal habit)
San Manuel Mine, San Manuel District, Pinal County, Arizona, USA
11.2 x 6.4 x 5.3 cm
Apatite (fine purple color)
Mawi, Nuristan, Afghanistan
4.2 x 3.8 x 2.1 cm
Fluorite on Calcite
San Antonio Mine, East Camp, Santa Eulalia Mining District, Aquiles Serdán Municipality, Chihuahua, Mexico
5.6 x 5.3 x 2.8 cm
Azurite (floater ''rose''-shaped specimen) (classic material)
Morenci Mine, Copper Mountain District, Greenlee County, Arizona, USA
3.8 x 3.3 x 2.7 cm
Calcite (old classic) (ex Al Kidwell Collection)
North Vernon, Jennings County, Indiana, USA
5.2 x 3.7 x 3.2 cm
Paprok Mine, Kamdesh District, Nuristan Province, Afghanistan
2.7 x 1.2 x 0.9 cm
Aragonite (rare purple color) (ex Al Kidwell Collection)
Los Molinillos - La Vacariza, Minglanilla, Cuenca, Castile-La Mancha, Spain
5.8 x 4.1 x 3.8 cm
Chrysocolla pseudomorph after Malachite replacing Azurite
Luputo, Kakumba, Katanga Copper Crescent, Katanga (Shaba), Democratic Republic of Congo
8.3 x 6.8 x 3.8 cm
Kidwellite (ex Kidwell Collection!)
Coon Creek Mine (York Mine), Shady, Polk County, Arkansas, USA
4.0 x 3.8 x 3.6 cm
Fluorite (2 generations - 2-sided specimen) (ex Al Kidwell Collection)
Naica Mine, Naica, Saucillo Municipality, Chihuahua, Mexico
5.3 x 4.8 x 4.2 cm
Almandine Garnet (old East Coast classic)
Green's Farm locality, Roxbury, Litchfield County, Connecticut, USA
10.1 x 6.2 x 4.6 cm
Tennantite Subgroup (ex Chet Lemanski Collection)
Dzhezkazgan mining district, Karaganda Region, Kazakhstan
4.1 x 4.0 x 1.7 cm
Fuchsite (chromium-bearing Muscovite) (RARE locality) (ex Bill Wilson Collection)
Wimhof Quarry, Vilshofen, Passau District, Lower Bavaria, Bavaria, Germany
10.0 x 4.0 x 2.3 cm
Carnallite (rare specimen from the type locality) (ex Chet Lemanski Collection)
Stassfurt, Stassfurt Potash deposit, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany (Type Locality)
10.2 x 7.1 x 5.2 cm
Scapolite (GEM quality) (7.29 carats)
Marble Occurrence, Morogoro, Uluguru Mts, Morogoro Region, Tanzania
1.5 x 0.6 x 0.4 cm
Scapolite (rare locality specimen) (ex Rich Kosnar Collection)
Pegmatite localities, Kukurt River, Pamir Mountains, Gorno-Badakhshan, Tajikistan
6.3 x 2.2 x 2.1 cm
Fluorite on Pyrite (ex Dave Bergman Collection)
Huanzala Mine, Huallanca District, Bolognesi Province, Áncash, Peru
4.6 x 3.7 x 3.1 cm
Fluorite (rare locality) (ex Chet Lemanski Collection)
Belorechensk deposit (Belaya Rechka), Maykopsky District, Adygea, Russia
9.1 x 5.3 x 3.8 cm
Hübnerite with Rhodochrosite, Quartz and sulfides (ex Dave Bergman Collection)
Sweet Home Mine, Mount Bross, Buckskin Gulch, Alma District, Park County, Colorado, USA
6.2 x 4.3 x 3.3 cm
Quartz (''Fadens'')
Tole (Tui), Wana, South Waziristan District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan
7.8 x 4.0 x 2.9 cm